So who are the people behind Aderico Medical?

We are often asked, after having more than 20 stable years of senior management experience for various companies, why did we decide to step away from the corporate treadmill and start a new business venture focusing on participant recruitment? What was the draw of moving into a world where we held little knowledge or experience of the highly regulated healthcare industry and why now, at the beginning of a period of global financial uncertainty looming?

Well, in fact it was a slow burn and many months of careful planning. A family contact who works in the healthcare world had often mentioned how challenging it was to recruit people to evaluate the medical devices they helped bring to market. The frustration came from having to manage a team of highly skilled, dedicated human factors engineers who were having to take time out of their core role to find participants, to evaluate that these products were safe and effective to use. No quotas were missed luckily however, as time progressed, it became clear that this side of the process needed better consideration and management. So Aderico Medical came to be.

Like most people within the UK we had watched healthcare professionals pushed to their absolute limits and driven to the brink during the pandemic. The dedication the sector showed to the people of Britain during this time was unsurpassable and the admiration we have for anyone involved in the healthcare industry since is second to none.

Why wouldn't we want to be part of making a real difference to people lives by recruiting people to make medical devices better for all, all whilst gaining significant job satisfaction along the way?

So what happened next?

With a background in programme and quality management, Founder and Director Joselyn began the company in 2022, setting up the operational side to provide an efficient, ethical and timely delivery of all projects, including marketing and participant relations. Director Tim joined during the last quarter of the year to grow the business development side, connecting with new clients, building the network to include specialist societies, charities, and groups, and managing the financials.

Like all new start ups it's not been 100% plain sailing. We have worked on some very challenging projects with tight turnaround times and tough participant quotas, but we have met these with vigour and determination. We have delivered each and every project on time and within budget and we're building a loyal client base. We're pleased to say we are stable and growing, and we're excited to be exploring new opportunities and partnerships with a keen eye on the future ahead.

The Aderico Medical team

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